A company based on value

Our entire philosophy focuses on value. So we want you to see that every day you work with us. Our cost to you is only as good as the value you place on us.

To reach this goal we've made a lot of changes to the way a typical agency is run. We allow you to customize everything within your contract. The amount of money dedicated in certain areas can be tweaked and allocated to endeavors you feel more important. 

To add even further value to our services we provide monthly and weekly progress updates in the form of highly detailed infographic reports. So you know where every cent is going, and where they're most effective.

We want you involved and happy that you're always in control. And we will always deliver.


Our typical client

Our average contracts are conducted for small to medium businesses. we provide SEO work and local search ranking. Minor social media management and small ad work.

Our typical contract for these services is between $450-$750 monthly. We bill for each individual month, or the entire project. Paying the entire project saves you 15-20% off your term, a 50% deposit is required to start, and the remaining is collected at the contract close.

Our services for large businesses contain a lot more work. Many include massive ad campaigns as well as commercial work and video advertising. Extensive SEO work and social media overhauls may be expected as well.

These contracts can run from $3,000-$16,000 monthly. The same price terms and buying options apply here as well. However, all contracts higher than $1,000 monthly require a written agreement and higher deposit.



Our Standard Packages

(All terms include previous services)

All prices are estimates*

Depending on the size of your project prices may fluctuate

Base term                                               $300-700/mo*

Contains seo and social media management. as well as customer buying habits and minor advertising work.


Advanced terM                                      $900-1,200/MO*

ADvanced SEO work coupled with EXTENSIVE social media campaigns. Access to a team of graphic designers and photographers.


Supremacist term                                      $3,000+/mo*

All inclusive seo work as well as advanced website audits. Access to a sales team and semrush keyword mining tools. counter marketing work as well as social media ad campaigns.

to improve upon or add an additional service

Billed Monthly

(All services receive 10% discounts on residual contracts)  

  • Email Marketing

  • lead generation

  • key word mining

  • Counter marketin

  • Targeted ad campaigns

  • Social media establishment

  • Competition detraction

  • Sales Leads

  • Data analyst

  • Inbound marketing

  • Brand establishment and marketing

  • content writing - Monthly/bi weekly/weekly