Our Services

At MI Marketing we strive to offer you everything needed to succeed, in one professional company.

We constantly bring new talent aboard to follow this promise. Specialists in all areas of marketing, including photographers to showcase products with memorable images and stunning displays.

Content writers to give your website the SEO dominance it needs to climb Google rankings quickly, and organically. Providing constant data on trending searches and customer habits. Using top of the line software we are able to provide an in depth and detailed analysis of customers browsing habits, locate areas of opportunity and source follow up connections.

Brilliant sales professionals using industry leading algorithms to locate, refine, and close with potential clients and business leads.

Inbound marketing teams equipped to handle any amount of traffic in any situation. Monitoring, refining, and perfecting a recipe for customer satisfaction and loyalty development.

Website design for hundreds of different circumstances. Containing professionally designed page layouts, beautiful photos, and market research implemented automatically with your content. 

Brand marketing for companies that need reputability or want recognition for community outreach, charity and the like. Using social medias like YouTube to showcase professionally filmed and edited testimonials. Partnering with established companies and media firms to distribute and reach your target audience. Creating a strong trustworthy presence in your market.

Graphic designs and marketing material are always an option with a team of artists and computer techs. Logo designs and merchandise creation are easy and affordable, usually available withing 2 days of ordering.


...I’d contracted three agencies before I found you guys, and I’ve stopped looking. Being able to get everything I need from one spot is perfect, and you’re always so good to us.
— Markus Greene (Client, 2017)

Here are a few Services We offer

  • Content Marketing

  • Inbound Retention

  • Sales Analysis

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Customer Journey

  • Lead Algorithms

  • Inbound Leads

  • Brand Marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Google Ad words

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Cross Platform Integration

  • Counter Marketing

  • Competition Analysis

  • Website Audits

  • Content Updates